Because, as you’ve probably found,
there are tasks to which
your usual agencies are unsuited.

We bring high-level strategic and creative skills to those projects that are too small, time-constrained or unglamorous for your big agency, and too complex, cross-disciplinary or conceptual for your specialists.
I.e.? Good question. E.g.:

Vitamin X

When you want a B2B campaign that connects across multiple target markets.

For example: the launch campaign for the new X20 targeted the C-suite, business owners and IT decision makers and influencers. It extended from advertising and inserts across the AFR’s premium platforms through to tightly targeted media reaching specific verticals and influencer roles.

Vitamin X

When you have a distinctive brand and you want your collateral to express it.

For example: Harley-Davidson produces seasonal clothing lines and supports them with dealer brochures. We were briefed to completely refresh the layout, design and copy style so they better expressed the spirit of the Harley brand and resonated with the riders of those big V-twins.

Vitamin X

When you have a dauntingly technical, specialised or complex story to tell.

For example: Bentham Asset Management is a fund manager that invests in global credit markets. We reframed Bentham’s product offering in a way that stood out in a crowded category and challenged the conventional wisdom in order to help position them in the minds of the target audience - financial planners.

Vitamin X

When you need to develop a multi-channel campaign in a tight time-frame.

For example: Think Education had a tight time-frame and a major education expo deadline. They needed everything from signage and experiential ideas to course guides and merchandise. Oh, and a concept that repositioned the brand, and a new look and feel. We delivered.

Vitamin X

When you want to connect on a deeper level with key verticals.

For example: Toshiba wanted to target the education market with a new 2-in-1 convertible notebook. We developed a breakthrough strategy based on a fresh insight into the challenges faced by teachers and students, and then rolled it out via advertising, DM, video, collateral and online channels.

Vitamin X

When you have a new product, multiple audiences and a limited budget.

For example: Tickled Pink Travel pioneered the fitness cruise, and briefed us to help launch it to the travel trade, the fitness industry and to consumers. We developed a simple concept and then rolled it out in print, brochures, DM, online and e-newsletters.

Vitamin X

When you want to connect with the trade or the channel in brand relevant ways.

For example: Toshiba wanted to remind the retail sales channel of the company’s origins. We built on the Seriously Japanese positioning developed by Toshiba’s main agency and tapped into the Japanese game show phenomenon to create a stand-out, must-attend event.

Vitamin X

When you need carefully calibrated stories crafted around sensitive subjects.

For example: The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation provides support for people - often very young - whose illnesses can lead to severe disability and an early death. We were briefed to raise awareness and funds without upsetting the families we were trying to help.

We’re generalists, so we’ve worked on everything from airlines, banks and cars to wine, x-ray machines and yoghurt. One day, we hope to work for a zoo, so we can add ‘z’ to the list. The point? Firstly, that lessons from one category can provide fresh perspectives on another. Secondly, we’re used to steep learning curves. We know how to get up to speed quickly in a new category. How do we define ‘up to speed’? The point where we can start generating relevant suggestions and intelligent ideas that make sense to you, your stakeholders and your target audiences.
Copywriting is one of our core skills. Good writing is good thinking, and it underpins our approach to strategy, powers our concept development process and provides a polished core for all the content we create. If you also share our aversion to misplaced apostrophe’s (gotcha!), tangled thinking and sent-before-spell-checking emails, you could add this to your list of reasons to make us your other agency.


We aim to keep the lines of communication short. That’s why we use project teams led by senior people. This helps eliminate layers and avoid misunderstandings. It’s also why the creatives come to all the main meetings. We think it’s important they’re exposed to your thoughts, insights and feedback. It also ensures they’re aligned with your objectives, take full ownership of the problem, and have a personal interest in solving it in a way that is good for your brand, your business and your career.
The partners founded Vitamin X 10 years ago. They’re here for the long haul. So the team you meet today will be the team that will work on your projects tomorrow. If you’re tired of churn, the hours you invest in briefing us now should pay dividends for years.

Alex France
Creative Partner / Managing Director

Alex is a multi-award winning copywriter, creative director and strategist. Before starting Vitamin X, he spent 10 years in the creative departments of leading agencies in Sydney (The Ball Partnership, EURO RSCG) and Hong Kong (Bates), and 5 years as the lead writer at Bevins, the most famous copy-led agency of its time.

He’s the idea generator behind brand campaigns that ran across Asia, new brands that are on the shelves in supermarkets today, and the work that introduced the word ‘microsleep’ into the vernacular.

Today, he’s interested in the application of the commercial imagination to complex marketing problems, brand innovation and category disruption.

He brings an intense curiosity, open mind and broad general knowledge to each brief. His frame of reference spans the leading edge in business, science, technology, design, behavioural psychology, economics and entertainment. This may explain his ability to bring fresh perspectives to stale categories, unearth gems buried under mountains of paper, and identify new directions when everyone else is going in circles.


Tania Viskovich
Creative Partner / Creative Director

Tania has 20 years experience as a designer, illustrator, art director and creative director. She worked in a string of leading design, advertising and through-the-line agencies in Auckland, Sydney (George Patterson Bates, The Marketing Store Worldwide, Mojo) and Hong Kong (Lintas, EURO RSCG) before launching Vitamin X.

She has also dropped into a 10-foot wave, climbed to Annapurna Base Camp and been rated the best female skateboarder of her generation in New Zealand. The commitment that took her to those heights has also driven her career as a creative.

She’s built and led creative departments, won a wall-full of international awards, developed regional TV campaigns for global clients and once flew solo to Seoul to present concepts to (as she found out later) the head of a Korean crime gang!

One word reoccurs when clients describe her approach: passionate. She’s a hands-on creative who throws herself into projects large and small. A ready sense of humour, sharp wit and fertile mind ensure meetings keep moving and ideas flowing.

Did we mention that we’re generalists? Probably easier to list what we haven’t done: skywriting (one day...). The point is that we can bring brand-aligned strategic and creative thinking to any element in the marketing mix, from DM and design projects to sales promotions and collateral. If the brief is more open, we don’t let a specialisation drive our suggestions. Instead, we use whatever tools are most likely to leverage the budget. We take a high level view, and then bring in specialists as and when required. This means we’re not just media agnostic, we’re technique and technology agnostic as well.
Fig 1
Vitamin X

We felt a frisson of delight when a campaign we developed for New Scientist was selected by a panel of well-credentialled marketers, researchers and strategists as a finalist in the 2016 MSIX awards. The MSIX Conference was set up to showcase the rapidly evolving convergence of science and marketing, and the awards recognise work at the forefront of this. The insights emerging from the behavioural sciences help take some of the guesswork out of developing a brief and provide a fantastic springboard for creative development. If you'd like to bring a bit more science to your marketing methods, we're keen to assist.

We’re on the ball, up to speed and ready to go. If you’re a CMO with a small but important project, or a brand manager with a deadline, or you’ve been let down by what you’ve seen from someone else, we’re a low risk / high return option. Sure, we’d love a long-term relationship. But we’re happy to start with a project, and if we can help you out of a tight spot at the same time, all the better.
Probably best to start with a call to Elizabeth on (02) 9388 0411 or (612) 9388 0411 if you're calling from overseas. Or you’re welcome to send an email:
Vitamin X Creative
1st Floor / 127 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW 2026.
(enter off Ocean Street)
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